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Collaborative robots for education

Education & science

Robotics plays a pivotal role across educational, science, and research sectors, establishing the groundwork for data collection and analysis, advancing technologies, and imparting knowledge to future generations.

Small, lightweight cobots are cost-effective to deploy and can fit in small labs and on classroom tables.

The Techman robot from LG Motion offers simple programming and easy project development for cobots. TMflow is ideal for those who are at the beginning of their robotics journey. TMflow is a graphical-based language that is very easy to learn, and students can quickly gain confidence  as they find it very easy to compile the commands to control the robot. Also by learning the basic logic from TMflow, students will gain more interest for learning other programming languages.


Safety is the most important factor in all educational environments. For TM cobots are different from other bulky industrial robots. TM have a higher level of safety configuration which makes them immediately cease all function and movements when they come into contact with any objects. As a result, a safety fence may not be required, which also helps to save space and costs.

As with all automation, a full risk-assessment must be completed.

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Techman cobots combine affordability with innovation. Offering exclusive educational discounts to universities and colleges. With integrated safety features, they can eliminate the need for extensive protective guarding, ensuring safety and reducing expenses. Techman cobots are a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or safety. We offer a educational discounts on all of our TM cobots, including the new TM S series.

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