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TM AI Vision

The TM AI Cobot is designed to work with vision and native inferencing for ease of deployment.

Everything you need to know about TM AI Vision

What is TM AI Vision?

The TM AI Cobot combines a collaborative robot arm with a native artificial intelligent inferencing engine and a vision system in a complete package. It combines AI vision processing with a robot arm to perform fast and precise pick-and-place, palletising, and welding tasks.

TM Vision is suitable for automated optical inspections (AOI), semiconductor and product manufacturing, and food-service preparation, among other applications

It is the only intelligent robotic arm series on the market provided with a comprehensive AI software suite. It includes TM AI+ Training Server, TM AI+ AOI Edge, TM Image Manager, and TM 3DVisionTM, allowing companies to train and tailor their system to precisely meet their application.

Advantages of TM AI Vision

  • Increases efficiency
  • Ensures reliability & consistency 
  • Promotes a safe working environment 
  • Reduces operating costs
perpetual investment in uk engineering

Traditional machine vision vs. AI machine vision

Traditional Machine Vision relies on engineers to create a set of rules for performing identification, detection and classification tasks with codes and algorithms.

AI Machine Vision can make annotations on image data, and the AI solution will analyse these data and generate a set of rules. The accuracy of the AI model can be constantly improved with more and more data being analysed.

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