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TM S series cobots

Upgrade to a new level of possibilities with the
TM AI S Series

Introducing the new TM AI Cobot S Series: a family of AI-powered cobots with 5 kg, 7 kg, 12 kg, 14 kg, 25 kg and 30 kg payloads, and an impressive repeatability of ±0.03 mm.

Designed for safe human collaboration, the S Series is flexible, easy to use and deploy, making it ideal for automation in many industries including machining, automotive, semiconductor, consumer electronics, and food.

TM S series range

TM AI S Series


25% faster cycle time!

• The joint speed of the 6th axis is increased from 225 °/s to 450 °/s

• Reduces the cycle time of your production line by 25%* for improved efficiency


Best cobot repeatability of ±0.03 mm!

• Delivers up to a 70%* increase in repeatability accuracy of ±0.03 mm

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